Q:  Who is behind the Hot Shots calendar and who benefits?

A:  The Hot Shots Calendar was originally created by Edgar Brother’s Police and Military Division. Today it is backed but not just EdgarBrothers but also several other key sponsors including Crimson Trace, Creative Superette, Crye Precision, Soldier Systems and Smith Optics. The calendar’s primary aim is to raise money for the Help For Heroes charity which we have consistently done over the last 4 years.


Q:  There isn't a USA or Canada shipping option?

A:  This website is intended for people making purchases from the UK, Europe and the Rest of the World (Excluding US & Canada). Please make sure if making a purchase from the USA or Canada that you are on www.hotshotscalendar.com or use the geo-location at the top of the page to swap over. All other purchases must be made using this website.
We have two sites this year as we are using two distribution centres. This means you recieve your items not only quicker, but it's also cheaper too!


Q:  How will my purchase show up on my bank statement?

A:  Your purchase will show up as a Paypal transaction with Ian Edgar (Liverpool) Limited. Hot Shots will not be mentioned.


Q:  Is your website secure?

A:  Yes, we use a Shopify e-commerce platform and for payment, Paypal secure checkout. All your data is encrypted and kept safe with these two companies, whom are both verified SSL secure. You are in safe hands!


Q:  Do you accept credit and debit cards?

A:  Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards. Paypal handle all our transactions and they are a global online payments provider meaning they can handle almost any type of card. You can also pay using your Paypal account balance.


Q:  Your website has a currency converter, can I pay in US Dollars or Euros?

A:  All transactions on the site are done in GBP (£). This does not mean that you have to personally convert to GBP but Paypal will do it automatically when you pay.


Q:  I have a question about delivery?

A:  Please see our Delivery policy.


Q:  Can you deliver my order to an address other than my billing address?

A:  Yes, we can. Please just fill out the shipping address section when checking out through Paypal.


Q:  How do I return an item I have purchased?

A:  Please see our Returns policy.


Q:  Can I get one of the Hot Shot Girls’ numbers?

A:  No! Sorry bud!