Joey Fisher 2016

Instagram Feed: @joeyf_

Age 22
Where are you from? Middle of nowhere in the middle of Wales, but now live in Cardiff
What do you like to do in your spare time? Be a sloth and sleep, eat and watch shitty Netflix series and spend time with my girlies.

Loves - Food obviously!

Hates - Being in a aeroplane.

You can choose one item to have in an apocalypse, what would they be? Ahhh maybe a machete lol, so I can sneak up on people or one of them big fancy shotguns. But they're a bit heavy.
Favourite Drink? TEQUILLLAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Your favourite destination? New York. I haven’t been but I love it and have wanted to live there foreverrrrrrr.

Twitter: @joeyfisher_