Katya Sanchez QA

Introduce yourself
 I'm Katya Sanchez, a British model and this is my first year doing the Hotshots Calendar! 

What's your favourite theme of previous Hot Shots Calendars?
I love the vintage styling in the 1950's pin up edition!

Where would you love to shoot the next Hot Shots?
My favourite place to be is on the beach so I'd say somewhere exotic maybe in the Caribbean!
What would be your favourite alcoholic beverage?
A Margarita and a cheeky shot of Cafe Patron

What does it mean to you to be a Hot Shots girl?
Being a part of the Hotshots team has been such a memorable experience. Not only having lots of fun with some amazing people in a beautiful part of the world but most importantly contributing to such a a meaningful project that supports military charities.

 - @katyasanchez