Sabine QA

Introduce yourself
Hello there, my name is Sabine aka Beany ! I am the newest member of the Hot shots team, so happy to finally be a part of it

What's your favourite theme of previous Hot Shots Calendars?
My favourite hot shots calendar is the 2013 pin up themed calendar ! The girls, guns look amazing!

Where would you love to shoot the next Hot Shots?
I would love to shoot in Latvia... my homeland! Either in the summer or winter time !

What's your favourite gun?
My favourite gun is the Heckler & Koch HK416, the perfect size and really powerful!

What would be your favourite alcoholic beverage?
My favourite alcoholic drink has to be whisky and champagne, I know such a contrast- just like me 

What does it mean to you to be a Hot Shots girl?
To be a hot shots girl I feel very honoured and proud to raise awareness for amazing men and service they do!

Honestly saying the team is the best, fun people I have ever met! Never boring always supportive and endless laughter! And travelling is such a massive bonus also to get to play with guns, meet and greet soldiers !